Clash at health-care town hall meeting in Mo. highlights Dem/union thuggery

August 10, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 10, 2009


OKLAHOMA CITY – Checking the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website as I do every day, the headline on the homepage, “Police arrest 6, including P-D reporter, at town hall meeting,” definitely caught my attention.

And knowing one of the reporters, Jake Wagman, who is a friend of my father (we all had dinner together last year), I wondered if it was Wagman who was arrested.

Sure enough, it was. According to the Post-Dispatch story, Wagman and five other folks were at a forum on aging in south St. Louis County called by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis. Wagman, it was reported was released later on his own recognizance. The others were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Word spread among conservative Tea Party Coalition members that Carnahan was speaking, so they arrived, as did a large contingent of Democrats and purple-shirted SEIU union types. The protesters began shouting back and forth, leading to a “carnival-like atmosphere.”

In fact, all comers were supposed to be allowed into the Carnahan event but many were not, while the SEIU types – union goons – were allowed in, no problem.

The clash resulted in a black conservative, who was handing out Gadsden flags featuring the “Don’t Tread On Me” slogan, to be injured by another black man who “used a racial slur against him before the attack.”

Truly outrageous!

Another arrested Tea Party protester, Brian Matthews, told the Post-Dispatch that the cops hit him and others like “a bull rush.” Matthews’ 51-year-old female friend was maced and arrested. She vomited several times.

Clearly, with all the angry Americans out there, fed up with an out-of-control federal government and arrogant members of Congress, things are reaching a breaking point. And having experienced arrogant state officials in Missouri myself, what happened in St. Louis County is not surprising. My experience involved my discovery in April 2008 that the new Missouri license plates did not have a hyphen in “Show-Me State,” something required by state law. Red Dirt Report talked to David Griffith, with the state’s transportation department and when told of the mistake, he basically did not care. Their arrogance was shocking. My story was shared in the Post-Dispatch, The Joplin Globe and other Missouri news outlets and blog sites.

Said Post-Dispatch editor Arnie Robbins: “In arresting our reporter, we think the police overreacted and were over-zealous. While we understand that police have difficult jobs and were in a volatile situation, we hope they understand that reporters, too, have difficult jobs and were in a volatile situation.”

Bloggers in the St. Louis area, like Missourah and Gateway Pundit had some solid coverage, complete with video footage, to offer interested readers and activists.

The incredibly arrogant Carnahan commented that he wants to know who is sending these real Americans (SHOCK!) to come out and disrupt discussions about health care reform. Carnahan says these concerned Americans are really part of a corporate cabal – “they have mobilized with special interests in Washington who have lined their pockets by overcharging Americans for a broken health care system.”

Carnahan is beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, eh?

Talking to a family member in St. Louis, she told me Rush Limbaugh was talking about the clash in St. Louis and she seemed amazed at how things seem to be getting out of hand.

On The Alex Jones Show, the host was discussing the story as well, noting that with Obama coming out of Chicago and having been part of the Daley machine, with its thuggery and criminality, that these incidents are likely to increase before they subside.

“The cops are reduced to Chicago thuggery,” said Alex Jones, noting that the Daley machine tentacles reach into Missouri.

And just as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ had goons, so does the new “Joker” who recently moved into the White House.

Recall last year Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt was appalled at then-Sen. Obama’s plans to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten, intimidate and arrest his critics. And then this spring we had the infamous MIAC report out of Jefferson City, targeting mainstream conservatives and pro-liberty folks. A lot of anti-freedom activity brewing amongst the authorities in Missouri. This is middle America, folks. The Heartland. What is happening?

It should be noted that while there have been no clashes at town halls in Oklahoma – Dan Boren, where are you? – professional far-left agitators will be attending a “community organizing event” at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church here in Oklahoma City all day tomorrow, as reported here.

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1996 USAF scenario paper notes flu pandemic in 2009

August 5, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 5, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma Watchdog reader in Ohio brought something very interesting to our attention, in light of the growing fears over a possible swine flu pandemic.

In a study released in June 1996 titled “Air Force 2025,” which addressed the “concepts, capabilities, and technologies the United States will require to remain the dominant air and space force in the future.”

The sender of this information notes that in the unclassified Air Force study, “fictional representations of future situations or scenarios” likely to arise are mentioned in the fifth chapter in the Air Force 2025 study. It turns out that reporter Kurt Nimmo reported on this earlier this year.

There, an eerie timeline is presented and in 2009 “an influenza pandemic struck in southern China, then rapidly spread worldwide. Three hundred-thirty million people were affected and over 30 million died. No one ever determined if the virus was a natural mutation or bioengineered. Many feared the latter.”

So, did the U.S. Air Force pick the year 2009 out of a hat? Was it random? Did they know about things that were planned to happen in the future?

The Vancouverite has reported, in an article headlined “Swine Flu virus is man-made claims Australian researcher.” The researcher, Adrian Gibbs, who worked on developing Roche’s Tamiflu drug, said in an article with The Age newspaper in Australia, “that he intends to publish a report suggesting the new strain may have accidentally evolved in eggs scientists use to grow viruses and drugmakers use to make vaccines.”

A recent report from China, dated August 2, 2009 and reported by the Scotsman, does note that “thousands of people have been placed under quarantine in a town in northwest China after a man died of pneumonic plague and 11 others were confirmed infected with the deadly lung infection, health authorities said.

But back to the Air Force 2025 report. It suggests future scenarios such as the dissolution of the United Nations in 2010; the destruction of Wall Street financial databases by a “super high energy radio frequency wave” in 2012; and in 2015 “48 actors had acquired several classes of weapons of mass destruction and the accompanying delivery systems.”

So, between the forced inoculations, when swine flu fever hits the streets, and the martial law scenarios (i.e. NLE 09, frequent terror drills, etc.) the controllers appear to be preparing for something big and have been for a long time, if this Air Force report is to be taken seriously.

And lets not forget that Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, in 1977 called for “planetary regime” to enforce totalitarian population control measures in a nihilistic book called Ecoscience.

In any event, journalists, researchers and Americans who care about the future of this country are keeping a close eye on developments related to the man-made swine (H1N1) flu.

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Community organizers infiltrating local Catholic, Protestant churches

August 5, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 4, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – The flyer is simple but informative. “Community Organizing at St. Charles.” Sounds innocuous enough. But upon closer inspection, it appears to be further attempts by ACORN-esque organizers to infiltrate well-meaning parishioners in the Catholic Church in the Oklahoma City area, among other places.

The flyer reads: “Come to a special training in community organizing for Catholic parishes, presented by Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee and hosted by Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish.”

Not much could be found about the Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee, other than a Grace Presbyterian Church flyer online that notes that “the OSC is a congregation-based community action group that equips churches to better meet the needs of their communities through training and support.”

It also said seven Catholic churches are part of 27 churches in Oklahoma City that are getting involved with this community-organizing activity.

The corrupt group ACORN, which had been active in Oklahoma City until late last summer, is believed to be connected to this action considering it’s past links, as noted in this 2003 National Housing Institute article. Red Dirt Report, operated by the editor of Oklahoma Watchdog, was given an exclusive peek into a recently-abandoned ACORN office in south Oklahoma City last October. That report can be found here.

The event, scheduled August 8 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. is not being held at St. Charles Borromeo, rather at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in their Connor Center at 32nd and Western.

Among items on the “program” at this “community organizing” event, includes “interactive community organizing training based on the first five chapters of Nehemiah with attention to the concepts of subsidiarity and solidarity, by Kris Ausdenmoore, lead organizer, Oklahoma Sponsoring Committee.”

Ausdenmoore, it turns out, according to a 2008 article in the Sooner Catholic, was the lead organizer for the Oklahoma IAF. IAF stands for Industrial Areas Foundation. They are located throughout the United States and have chapters in Canada, England and Germany, according to And they deal with not only Christians but Muslims, Jews and others as well.

“The leaders and organizers of the Industrial Areas Foundation build organizations whose primary purpose is POWER – the ability to act – and whose chief product is social change. They continue to practice what the Founding Fathers preached; the ongoing attempt to make life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness everyday realities for more and more Americans.”

IAF is pushing socialistic political ideas like the “living wage movement” in the United States, according to their website. And when they ask themselves why they do what they do, they respond, in part: “We do it because we are angry.” Boiled down, they are angry that life is not fair and more must be done to make it fair, whatever it takes. This is not much different from the liberation theology movement that swept Latin America and radical Catholic churches in North America more than 30 years ago.

It also notes there will be a potluck lunch, “focused house meeting training,” and don’t forget your Bible.

Alerting the masses to this Marxist organizing activity was popular afternoon radio talk show host Mark Shannon on KTOK AM 1000 in Oklahoma City.

“This is nothing more than a scam for Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama’s Marxist mentor. And to the churches, shame on you,” Shannon said.

And this is true. Obama, the community organizer, was a great admirer of Rules for Radicals author and activist Alinsky, who died in 1972. Charles Beggs, who writes for the Tulsa Beacon, wrote in April in an article called “The Wolves Are At the Door,” that IAF has “disavowed some of Alinsky’s more extreme views” but also split churches in the process “seek(ing) to work within unsuspecting Catholic and Protestant congregations, and among other constituencies, to further a decidedly liberal agenda.”

Callers to his show Tuesday afternoon were equally concerned. One caller noted that this is nothing but a government attempt to further Obamanize the churches by forming “brownshirt” groups and advance leftist and socialistic ideas, including redistribution of wealth.

Another caller said he was fed up with Oklahoma City Archbishop Eusebius Beltran because he is a poor leader and Catholics who have concerns about radical leftists making inroads in their churches are ignored.

Shannon tended to agree and chided the churches that are getting involved with this activity, calling on listeners to “infiltrate the meeting” and “tape record the meetings” and send them to him afterward.

These community organizers, Shannon said, are “bad, bad news. We don’t want them in Oklahoma City.”

Further research led Oklahoma Watchdog to the website of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, which goes into more detail about the “Community Organizing at St. Charles.”

The website says they are involved in community organizing by quoting Pope Benedict 16th and the late Pope John Paul II and noting that they are looking out for the “common good.”

“In September (community organizers) will conduct a parish information campaign. The object of this campaign will not be to GIVE information to parishioners. It will be to HEAR the concerns of our parishioners and to lean abou the pressures facing our families and individuals as citizens in the metropolitan area.”

With that in mind, Oklahoma Watchdog hopes to attend the Saturday organizing event and will report more in the coming days.

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‘Birther’-mania reaching a crescendo

August 4, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 4, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY  — As Barack Hussein Obama, if in fact that is his real name, celebrates his 48th birthday with his elite pals on Martha’s Vineyard, we here on the mainland are continuing to investigate and report on this absolutely crazy story surrounding Obama’s birth certificate.

A couple of days ago, World Net Daily posted a story about Obama “birther” Orly Taitz, had featured what she believes may be his real birth certificate from Kenya. Sure, there are plenty of holes in this document, even Joseph Farah, editor of WND has his doubts, but it brings up some interesting questions. Clearly, this issue is going through the stratosphere.

One of the more interesting political blogs out there, Lame Cherry, has stayed on “Birdy Obama” like a Rottweiler on a bone. Everyday, Lame Cherry has some interesting insights on “His Fraudulency.” And if you can get past the poor grammar and indulgent misspellings, it’s pretty interesting, particularly in light of the World Net Daily article noting how Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has “formally elevated (the birth certificate controversy) to arguably the highest debate level in the land” and getting his comments denouncing birthers in the Congressional record.

For Sen. Reid to address this and for so many folks on either side of the aisle to address this topic clearly highlights the old adage “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

So, on this August 4, which would have been my Grandfather’s 103rd birthday, Lame Cherry writes the following in a piece called “Obama Fingerprints: Too much of this thing matches the protocols and if I was an Obama supporter, I would be beyond my denial phase and entering the concerned phase, because even Harry Reid is starting to throw up the floodgates in a vain attempt to stop this.
You know people if Harry Reid is censoring information then every corridor in Washington, DC is abuzz over all of this. These are liberals now in a worse clampdown than Richard Nixon was ever accused of in stonewalling the public’s right to know while protecting their political behinds.

Majority Leader Harry Reid in this Col. Klink brigade has made a colossal mistake in this for the complete reason; he is treading upon the ground now of traitor, usurper, sedition and insurrection. He is treading upon the ground of a criminal cover- up.
This is moving beyond now what Sen. Inhofe of Oklahoma was conveying in damage control in “he trusted Obama” to Harry Reid (being) part of a criminal conspiracy in treasonous actions against the United States of America.
Harry Reid is now covering up a crime and it would do well for every last Obama supporter to start contemplating the real issue in this is NOT going away. The more time swells the current in Obama trashing the American economy, the more this flood will in angry Americans start looking for an out.
That out is a fraud in Obama.

Lame Cherry makes some good points. Of course this website linked a story Lame Cherry posted which suggests that Madelyn Dunham, Obama’s grandmother, may, in fact, be Obama’s birth mother. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps …

Regardless, the establishment is starting to panic. The economy is in shambles and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is starting to lose his cool. The establishment media enemies Bill O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann are both attacking the “birthers” and trying to downplay the REAL issues connected to Obama and his mysterious past.

On The O’Reilly Factor last night, one of his guests, Christopher Ruddy of, was discussing the “birther” issue and O’Reilly dismissed Ruddy’s concerns over Obama and his lack of transparency.

“The King of Cable News doesn’t even know,” Ruddy said mockingly. Of course, this, after O’Reilly said assuredly Obama was born in the Honolulu area, without giving the name of a specific hospital.

“I don’t care,” O’Reilly said dismissively. “Chris, if I wanted to know I’d find out tomorrow.”

Sure, Bill, sure. We know you’d expose the name of the hospital Obama was allegedly born in if you knew, but you don’t. Very few people do. Grandma Madelyn Dunham knew but she conveniently died right before the election.

And Olbermann? Forget it. He looks tired and pathetic talking about the birth certificate controversy. You see the fear in his eyes. The cover-up is starting to crumble.

The bottom line is when the establishment – on both “sides” –begins to go into attack mode, you know there is something to it. Just like when O’Reilly attacked 9/11 truthers, he is turning his sights on Obama birthers.

“The façade is slipping, the cracks are showing,” said Mike Rivero who operates the excellent news site, said on The Alex Jones Show today.

While Rivero believes the “birther” controversy is a dead end and ultimately a distraction, Oklahoma Watchdog has been paying close attention to this issue since last summer when this reporter, working as a co-host on Radio Free Oklahoma, interviewed Philip Berg, who began looking into the Obama birth certificate controversy and has posted his findings at

Sure, Rivero is right. The birth certificate controversy IS a distraction. Obama may be using it to show how crazy the birthers are. Yet, JB Williams, writing at, says in a great column headlined “Why the Founding Fathers were ‘birthers,’”

“If millions of American ‘birthers’ are ‘right-wing nuts,’ they are in good company with men like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, John Adams and Ben Franklin,” writes Williams.

Continuing, he writes: “Obama has been running from his entire past all of his political life. His many minions in the press have been running interference every step of the way.” Later, in his excellent column, Williams writes: “If Obama is a ‘constitutional’ president, he is going to have to prove it and fast. If not, he is going to have to leave the people’s White House, in handcuffs if need be! The issue will not go away. The Constitution stands or all bets are off!

And then, linking it back to issues addressed by Lame Cherry, Williams writes in the next paragraph: “Every member of his administration and his party who had knowledge of, participated in or provided cover for the greatest hoax every perpetrated on the American people must step down with him”

Indeed. And Williams notes that someone who is spending upwards of $1 million to keep his personal documents hidden (passport, college records, etc.) “The walls are closing in and Obama and Co. are trapped in their own massive web of deceit,” he wrote.

So, Mr. Obama, or Mr. Soetero or whatever your name is, happy birthday. Enjoy your cake. Enjoy your wine. We here in the real world will reveal who you really are and your communistic Chicago thugocracy will be exposed.

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Oklahoma Fusion Center coordinator comments on NLE 09

August 4, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 3, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – National Level Exercise 2009, known as NLE 09, has come and gone and Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security Fusion Center Coordinator Kim Carter said he was pleased with the results of the exercise, which was held July 24-31.

Oklahoma Watchdog was very interested in NLE 09, since Oklahoma was directly involved in the exercise, which is part of the annual TOPOFF exercise involving FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security as well as foreign troops from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Mexico. 

This online newspaper did post an article headlined “RDR asks questions about NLE 09 exercise,” posted on July 23, and the article received a lot of attention, particularly with alternative news sites and, in addition to being reported on locally by Radio Free Oklahoma.

Although somewhat vague about the scenario that was being studied by OKOHS and the other government agencies in FEMA Region VI, which includes Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and New Mexico, Carter said the scenario involved a terror event overseas. In the scenario, the United States is preparing for any terror-related events domestically as a result of the foreign terror event. That is where the government agencies come in and prepare and respond.

“We took several different events and the departments (involved) talked to one another … to make sure the information went through the chain of command,” Carter said.

“They did very, very well,” Carter said. “We picked up a lot of things and a lot of things were learned.”

What was learned? Well, it wasn’t entirely clear. The scenario “was based on things that can happen in Oklahoma,” Carter said, adding that it was also focused on things in FEMA Region VI. He added that the information leaned was used to “prevent possible threats across the United States.”

Asked if the focus was on foreign threats or domestic threats, Carter said it was on foreign-born individuals now living in the United States.

“Foreigners who come to the U.S. and have lived here, possibly for decades,” he said, adding that it was not focused on American citizens.

“New technology” was accessed, Carter said, although he did not elaborate. Asked by Oklahoma Watchdog about reports of high-altitude surveillance blimps, Carter said he was not familiar with them, although knows that weather balloons released from Norman’s weather center are often mistaken as UFOs.

Asked who participated, Carter said Oklahoma State Bureau of Information (OSBI); Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP); the Tulsa Police Department; the Oklahoma City Police Department and tribal police agencies.

Questioned about reports of foreign involvement in the exercise, Carter said no foreign troops were in Oklahoma. The foreigners were primarily along the Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana, which is where the Mexican officials were located.

“Typically thee exercises in past years have been response exercises,” Carter said. “You had helicopters and explosions. This year it was more of a prevention exercise with people sitting in front of computer screens.”

And the fact that it wasn’t an action-filled exercise, may be the reason NLE 09 did not get a lot of media attention this time.

“There really wasn’t a lot of media interest,” Carter said. “I saw and read very little about it. Not a lot of media coverage about it.”

Asked if there will be a full report on NLE 09 available for public consumption, Carter said an after-action report should be posted online in October.

Overall, Carter said he was pleased with Oklahoma’s involvement with NLE 09 and because he was so busy all last week, was not able to return a call to Oklahoma Watchdog until today.

“You always learn from these things,” Carter said.

Rep. Mike Thompson preparing for congressional run, talks issues

August 4, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 4, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – With $215,000 already raised for his candidacy running for the 5th Congressional District, Rep. Mike Thompson, the Republican representing Oklahoma’s District 100 in Northwest Oklahoma City, is pleased with how things are going this early in the race.

“I think people are excited about a conservative candidate who is proven to be strong on tax issues and growing the economy,” Thompson said.

Thompson emphasizes that while he is a loyal Republican, he is also a strong conservative who doesn’t back off from voting against his own party when he doesn’t agree with a position they are taking or a bill they are pushing.

“At the end of the day you have to do what’s right,” he said. 

Thompson said it is important to keep the 5th District Republican and in the fall of 2010, when the election is held. The seat, held by Republican Mary Fallin, who is running for Oklahoma governor, is one that needs to remain Republican and that he is the conservative to do the job.

With energy issues critical to Oklahoma’s economy, and noting Washington’s anti-drilling stance, Thompson said he is a major proponent of drilling domestically for more oil and natural gas.

Compared to foreign nations with poor environmental records, Thompson said our standards are far more stringent – and that that is important.

“We do have standards, we do clean up our messes. Other countries, rogue countries don’t have the same methods of cleaning up,” he said.

Regarding the recent push in Congress to audit the Federal Reserve, Thompson is in complete favor of auditing the Fed, which many believe is directly behind America’s financial hardships.

“The people who control the money control a lot of the power in this country,” Thompson said. “I’m for auditing the Fed … for what they’ve been doing to our currency.”

From there, Thompson notes why he decided to run for higher office.

“The federal deficit,” he said. “My children will have the burden (of the deficit) placed on them for the rest of their lives.”

“We have to get spending under control,” he said. “I want to bring Oklahoma values to Washington, D.C. and I want to help balance the budget. We can’t continue to go down this road … engaging in a free-for-all spending spree.”

Oklahoma Watchdog interviewed Thompson last fall, prior to the November election where he was re-elected, and he had noted that tax issues were of particular concern as were pro-life issues and issues related to transportation, with Thompson having served as chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee.

As noted in that article, Thompson is a common-sense conservative and “citizen legislator” who also runs a commercial real-estate business, Thompson also has a healthy appreciation for the Second Amendment, having been honored as a “Defender of the Constitution” by the National Rifle Association. Additionally,  Thompson has worked hard in the state legislature serving on the Energy and Technology Committee and the Environment and Wildlife Committee.

Thompson is a father of two and has been married nine years to his wife Hayley. He said his family is very supportive of his campaign and in the coming months there will be a campaign headquarters and plenty of campaign material – shirts, buttons and bumper stickers – available to supporters.

Oklahoma Watchdog will continue to follow the Thompson campaign into the fall and into next year and looks forward to covering any debates Thompson may have in the coming months.

Questions remain regarding swine flu vaccine trials in Oklahoma

August 4, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 4, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY — With Oklahoma City under the microscope in coming weeks, in light of plans to test the new swine flu vaccine on hundreds of Oklahoma children, many questions remain unanswered and Red Dirt Report will look to provide more information.

First of all, the company conducting this research, IPS Research Company, located in downtown Oklahoma City, is, according to the website, “a leading clinical research facility” that conducts all sorts of medical trials addressing problems related to anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, major depression and Alzheimer’s disease, among many others.

IPS told The Oklahoman last week that they are hoping to attract young volunteers to be used as test subjects – guinea pigs, in the common parlance – to see how effective the new swine flu vaccine will be on their young, developing “patients,” starting on August 17.

And the medical director for IPS Research, Dr. Louise Thurman, told The Oklahoman that “(f)rom a science standpoint, it should work.”

I’m sorry Dr. Thurman, that’s not good enough. Are our children’s lives and well-being worth the risk, particularly in light of swine flu levels plateauing around the world, according to news reports this week.

And here at Red Dirt Report, we reported as well that there were some serious problems with this plan, particularly that they were fast-tracking the release of the vaccine.

Today, reporter Paul Joseph Watson revealed that the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa was planning to require all students to get their meningitis and MMR shots before enrolling and that those that did not do this, including juniors and seniors who may have avoided doing so, will face either disciplinary action or will not be able to enroll.

Having attended the University of Alabama in the late 1990’s, and having siblings who received their graduate degrees there, your Red Dirt Reporter had a particular interest in this story and subject.

After alerting the Crimson White, the university’s student newspaper, which this reporter contributed to in 1998, a reporter there said she was unaware of the new policy and would alert the editor. Later, Red Dirt Report contacted the university public relations office and eventually spoke with Chris Bryant, a university spokesman.

Bryant listened to our questions and concerns about this development and said he would speak to others and that Red Dirt Report would have those questions answered, presumably with a return call from a university official “higher up the totem pole,” as it were.

Well, Thursday afternoon, Bryant sent the following email:

I’m told that we’ve distributed similar notices for the last few years.  Last year, our major emphasis was on incoming freshman who lived on campus. This year we’re expanding requirements for the meningitis vaccination to juniors and seniors living on campus. We’re following guidelines suggested by the American College Health Association. Our approach is similar to most universities.  We’re continuing to try and keep campus a safe place to learn, work and have fun.
Thanks, Chris

So, it appears that the American College Health Association (ACHA) is behind this push for vaccinations of all students. Research into this revealed an article posted at the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy headlined “ACIP targets up to 159 million Americans for H1N1 vaccination.”

ACIP is the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

The ACHA wants young people, up to the age of 24, rather than 18 – in order to include college students- for vaccine prioritization. This, they say, due to college students being in dormitory settings that could lead to the rapid spread of H1N1. It noted that several summer camps closed because of the spread of the disease in camp conditions.

Upping the age would add 24 million people to the priority group, therefore requiring much more vaccine to be created and distributed at a considerable profit for the swine flu vaccine manufacturers.

In the article, quoting Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the ACIP has “picked five targe groups for initial immunization because of their increased risk of H1N1 (swine flu) infection or compicationsor their contact with vulnerable people:

1. Pregnant women; 2. Healthcare and EMS workers who have direct contact with patients or infectious substances; 3. Household contacts of babies yonger than 6 months; 4. Children aged 6 months through 4 years; 5. Children and adolescents from 5 through 18 years who have risk factors for flu complications.

Everyone else, notes the article, “can be immunized after the demad from the target groups has been met.” So, expect a lot of propaganda geared towards young mothers and children, some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Much has been said about “adjuvants,” which are oil-based additives that can cause adverse auto-immune responses. Squalene is one such example and has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome, something this reporter investigated 10 years ago, interviewing Gulf War soldiers in Louisiana who were subjected to dangerous vaccines and never recovered.

The ACIP report notes that “the H1N1 vaccines to be use will not contain adjuvants, because using an adjuvant would create regulatory complications that would delay vaccine availability.”

As noted in Gary Matsumoto’s excellent 2004 book Vaccine A, scientists discovered in laboratory animal tests that squalene caused all sorts of painful problems for the lab animals. However, reports showing adjuvants and squalene causing all sorts of problems in vaccines, were “ignored” by the National Institutes of Health, which took a “see-no-evil” stance.

Matsumoto writes of Patient X, a test subject who was injected with a placebo containing squalene – a substance used in many vaccines – and had horrific side effects, despite the placebo being something that should remain inert.

The adjuvant, addressed by Patient X’s attorney says: The adjuvant “is itself an experimental drug whose side effects are not yet fully known, and for which there had not yet been done adeuate human testing to know at what levels different toxicities are to be expected.” The adjuvant, Matsumoto writes, is something called MG59, which is squalene and water.

But back to the CIDRAP/ ACIP report …

Of note, the reporters in this article, Robert Roos and Lisa Schnirring, inject some skepticism – unwittingly, we assume – because the government health officials make numerous vague statements, never giving hard core specifics, leading the reporters to end sentences “without offering details.”

The article also notes that concerns about mercury-laden thimerosal, used in vaccines as a preservative, would still be used in the swine flu vaccines but that the Department of Health and Human Services “has ordered some thimerosal-free vaccine, both injectable and the nasal spray, but did not specify quantities.”

Thimerosal is often connected to leading to autism in children.

In the meantime, the mainstream media continues to beat the drum over the swine flu vaccine and how the pandemic will be terrible by the autumn and that preparations must be made now.

But then, why are any of us surprised by this disturbing development? Earlier this week, Dr. Marc Siegel, a contributor to Fox News Channel was on with morning show hosts Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly pushing hard for people to get the swine flu vaccine. In fact, news reports are calling for pregnant women to get the swine flu vaccine.

Will there be forced vaccinations? The University of Alabama isn’t outright saying that but students are strongly urged to take the shot, as they are at other universities, if the ACHA report is to be taken seriously.

Red Dirt Report looks forward to speaking with the folks at IPS Research this coming week and hopefully have questions answered related to the swine flu vaccine trials involving children who should be protected rather than subjected to unproven vaccines containing all sorts of dangerous ingredients.

Buzz Aldrin talks about Martian moon

July 28, 2009

Watchdog asks questions about NLE 09

July 28, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: July 27, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY —  While not getting much publicity in the Oklahoma or national media, next week, between July 27-31, there will be a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) event taking place in the Sooner State and surrounding states called National Level Exercise 2009 or simply NLE 09.

According to an official press release released at, “NLE 09 will focus on intelligence and information sharing among intelligence and law enforcement communities, and between international, federal, regional, state, tribal, local and private sector participants.”

And where Oklahoma comes in is that this year, NLE 09 is focusing on FEMA Region VI, of which Oklahoma is a part of. The other states in the participating FEMA region include: Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico.

Specifically, according to the FEMA information sheet on NLE 09, the exercise involves a scenario that begins “in the aftermath of a national terrorist event outside the United States, and exercise play will center on preventing subsequent efforts by the terrorists to enter the United States and carry out additional attacks. This scenario enables participating senior officials to focus on issues related to preventing terrorist events domestically and protecting U.S. critical infrastructure.”

Curious to learn more about this NLE 09 anti-terrorism exercise, Red Dirt Report contacted Brook Arbeitman, the public information officer for the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security in Oklahoma City.

Arbeitman, interestingly enough, could not answer some more in-depth questions about NLE 09 because she is a role player in the exercise, playing – you guessed it – a public information officer for Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security and as a result “is not privy” to some of the specifics.

“We will be playing along with everybody to whatever extent the exercise” proceeds, Arbeitman said.

A lot of what NLE 09 is about, according to Arbeitman is “information sharing” between law enforcement on the local state and federal levels.

“We want to be able to effectively share information prevent something from happening,” she said.

And what is interesting about NLE 09 is what is not highlighted by FEMA and OKOHS.  As reported in April by Kurt Nimmo at “NLE 09 will also include exercises designed to round up and intern suspected terrorists.”  Nimmo’s report speculates that NLE 09 “represents the next phase of preparations to implement martial law in America under the guise of fighting loosely defined terrorists.”

And this is not simply a national exercise with Americans involved. Representatives from Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Mexico are expected to participate as well. What the roles these foreigners will play, particularly the Mexican officials, is not entirely clear.

Asked if this reporter could sit in on the exercise, Arbeitman explained to Red Dirt Report that NLE 09 is not “media friendly” because it is largely involving people looking at computer screens in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

“This is not a typical exercise like the one here in Oklahoma City where they had cops responding and performing their exercises out on the street,” Arbeitman said, referencing the four-hour long anti-terrorism drill Wednesday involving “a fake extremist group called ‘The Redemption of the Fallen’ that was said to have attacked the Oklahoma City metro area.

In light of the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report, leaked earlier this year to and subsequently picked up in the media, there appears to be a shift in what the targets of the federal agencies – DHS, FBI, FEMA – and local law enforcement, in particular, are right-wing extremists, rather than foreign terrorists. And with the terrorism drill in Oklahoma City, followed days later by participation in NLE 09, Red Dirt Report can’t help but wonder if the authorities are preparing for something in the near future, particularly in light of the imploding economy.

Remember, in the MIAC report, out of Missouri, state police were urged to view regular Americans as potential terrorists, particularly those who supported Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, were pro-life activists, supporters of the Second Amendment, and other advocates of liberty and freedom. We’ve already seen reports of citizens being unfairly arrested and questioned for having pro-gun stickers on their vehicles, as evidenced in a recent case in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is happening all over the country and NLE 09, from what we here at Red Dirt Report have researched, is a way to further train authorities to clamp down even more.

Asked to speak to someone else who might have more information about the exercise and what is going on in Oklahoma specifically, Arbeitman said she would pass along my questions to Kim Carter, OKOHS’s Fusion Center coordinator.  Arbeitman acknowledged that Carter was extremely busy this week and may not be able to get back to me right away. As of Thursday afternoon, we have not heard back from Carter.

But back to the website and the NLE 09 press release:

The exercise is currently designed to validate the following capabilities:

  • Intelligence/Information Sharing and Dissemination
  • Counter-Terrorism Investigation and Law Enforcement
  • Air, Border and Maritime Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Public and Private Sector Alert/Notification and Security Advisories
  • International Coordination

Red Dirt Report will continue to follow and report on any developments related to NLE 09 and any related federal, state and local activities. And if any readers have any tips worth following up on, please contact us at

Anti-BPA fear-mongering unnecessary

July 28, 2009

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: July 27, 2009

OKLAHOMA CITY – With green living and eco-friendliness becoming all the rage in the Western world, liberals and their enablers in the mainstream media are always looking for some new thing to frighten the public. Last month it was swine flu. What’s next, we here at Red Dirt Report are wondering?

Dwelling on this, who out there on the Inter-tubes recall the Alar scare back in 1989? Yes, 20 years ago, 60 Minutes in the lead, scared the public into thinking that Alar, a chemical-based plant growth regulator sprayed on apples, was poisoning consumers of apples and apple sauce.

It was later revealed to be part of an irrational propaganda campaign that ignored that Alar has only a five in 1 million chance of Alar having a negative effect on a human being. And for that to happen, someone would have to consume 5,000 gallons of apple juice per day. Color me waterlogged!

Not one to let a good scare -promoted by the Subaru Forester-and-Birkenstock set – go unreported, a new media-driven propaganda scare campaign is underway. This time it is Bisphenol A, better known as BPA, a building block in plastic, used throughout the food and related industries, was alleged to be dangerous.

Reports were that BPA’s presence primarily in plastic bottles is endangering “millions of babies.”

Many of these fear-mongering media reports have been found to be misleading and “caused unnecessary public anxiety, according to an independent study released last week by the Statistical Assessment Service (STATS) at George Mason University.

While Canada has announced it is banning the import of baby bottles containing BPA, and Wal-Mart Canada will be ceasing sales of BPA-laden water and baby bottles and related items, other countries, like Australia, New Zealand and the European Union’s Food Safety Authority have “found no cause for alarm.” Additionally, regulatory bodies and expert panels in France, Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Denmark found no problems with plastic products containing BPA.

The American Food and Drug Administration has concluded BPA is safe, while the Consumer Product Safety Commission said a BPA ban would be bad because it “could result in less effective protection of children from head, eye, or bodily injury.”

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta took a look at the BPA controversy and reported that “infants are capable of safely metabolizing BPA,” which contradicts earlier assertions that babies cannot process the chemical in the same way as adults.

Yet, the fear-mongers are now in US, promoting the idea that BPA is dangerous. In fact, kicking off this campaign of fear was the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper. Their award-winning 2008 series “Chemical Fallout,” interviewed researchers, including Frederick vom Saal  at the University of Missouri-Columbia and Shanna Swan of the University of Rochester. It has been reported that some of the researrchers have “financial and research ties” to anti-BPA research and this appears to have tainted the doomy findings reported by the Journal Sentinel.

Saal, not the most level-headed of scientists, was quoted saying: “The science is clear and the findings are not just scary, they are horrific,” vom Saal said. “When you feed a baby out of a clear, hard plastic bottle, it’s like giving the baby a birth control pill.”

Red Dirt Report has been informed by Washington-based researchers who dismiss the BPA fear-mongering that environmental activists are heavily involved in the rampant anti-BPA campaign sweeping the planet.

In fact, a cursory Google search for Oklahoma-related stories on BPA reveals a June 25, 2009 Tulsa World report headlined “Dressed to chill,” addressing summer-ready gear like sunshades and water bottles. Twice in the article, the World reporter talks about using a “BPA-free plastic bottle” or a canteen that is “100 percent BPA- and toxin-free.” Basically the reporter is telling the public that BPA bottles are bad even though federal findings have shown otherwise. Guilty until proven innocent, according to the Tulsa World.

Already, the liberal states of Connecticut and Minnesota have banned the use of BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups, although a July 15 Associated Press article out of Oakland, Calif. Reported that the Golden State “will not place Bisphenol A” on a state list of chemicals believed to cause reproductive harm.

It was a unanimous vote of seven California physicians who announced that “there’s not enough scientific evidence of BPA’s potential dangers.”

An AP report citing a recent Journal of the American Medical Association study notes how JAMA suggested that adults exposed to higher amounts of the chemical were more likely to report having heart disease and diabetes. However, the AP notes, “the study doesn’t provide proof” of these findings.

And just like in the wake of the ’89 Alar scare, where Uniroyal Chemical Company agreed to voluntarily halt domestic sales of Alar for food uses, Sunoco, a gas and chemical maker is refusing to sell BPA to companies for use in food and water containers for children younger than three. Sunoco now wants its customers to guarantee BPA won’t be used in children’s food products. Bowing to pressure from the Mother-huggers at the National Resources Defense Council and Friends of the Earth, no doubt. 

And Congress is looking to get involved in the BPA controversy. With a number of liberal congressmen leaning in the anti-BPA direction, it could result in a partisan ban of a crucial element in plastic that has helped keep, according to one report, botulism and other true toxins and dangers at bay.

Ironically, the greens are pushing the CFL light bulbs that contain toxic amounts of mercury, stuff so bad that you have to seal off the affected room and throw everything away. But it’s green and good for Gaia, as they’d say. But something that has a use in all sorts of consumer products and is proven safe is demonized in the media. Well, I guess we can count on Congress to have the final say – yeah, right!