Who is behind bogus posters in Tecumseh area?

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 14, 2009


TECUMSEH, Okla. — Lance Faulkner is extremely frustrated. Not only because someone is trying to stop people from going to the Red Dirt music concert he is holding at Little River Music Valley here in Tecumseh, but also because the people behind this disinformation campaign are potentially hurting the livelihoods of the members of the three bands involved.

Both Faulkner and No Justice promoter Brandy Reed, with RPR Media in Nashville, contacted Red Dirt Report this week (we are in Pittsburgh, Pa., attending a journalism and blogging conference) and let this online newspaper know that the concert – scheduled for Saturday August 15 – featuring No Justice, Turnpike Troubadours and the Brandon Clark Band was still on, despite bogus flyers popping up in convenience stores in Tecumseh, announcing the show was canceled.

After Red Dirt Report wrote a story on this earlier this week, Faulkner told RDR that he is absolutely postive that the person behind the campaign is Chance Sparkman, whose family reportedly owns the Kwick Stops / Sinclair gas stations in Tecumseh where the flyers are appearing. Sparkman-owned Modern Oil Co. gas stations in Shawnee, the city where Modern Oil Co. is based, apparently do not have these flyers in their windows.

“They’re appearing all around my venue,” said an exasperated Faulkner. “A couple of people have already asked me this week if the show was still on.”

Faulkner said he called Sparkman earlier this week and asked him about the flyers and about why he was trying to keep people from attending the show he is promoting at Little River Music Valley, which is Oklahoma’s newest outdoor venue.

“He just hung up on me,” Faulkner said. “I called him back yesterday and left a voice message for him. I asked him to stop putting the flyers up in the stores and I threatened him with further action.”

Faulkner is already consulting an attorney about the issue. He is hoping the anti-entertainment campaign won’t hurt the success of the event.

“They’re not hurting me so much as they’re hurting the groups that are playing here. They’ll be selling T-shirts and CD’s. It’s their livelihood.”

Asked about Sparkman and his connection to all of this – his motivation, as it were – Faulkner said “I know it’s (Sparkman). It’s common sense. “You have to be here to know what’s going on.”

Faulkner added that someone working for Sparkman, a guy named “Bill,” is the one actually putting the flyers up. Faulkner also said as soon as he found out about the flyers, he tore them down.”

Faulkner thinks that the operator of J.T.’s Cowtown Club in Tecumseh, where Superfreak and Mama Sweet are scheduled to play tomorrow night as well, is somehow involved in this campaign against Little River Music Valley.

And Reed has said No Justice, headling the show, is no happy with these turn of events.

“These advertisements are a hoax,” Reed told Red Dirt Report

As for Chance Sparkman, Red Dirt Report called Modern Oil Co. and tried to reach him. He did not answer and a message was left for him to make a comment if he wished. A call to J.T.’s Cowtown in Tecumseh went unanswered on Friday afternoon.

Regardless, Faulkner said the show will go on as scheduled.

Gates will open at 2 p.m. Saturday, with music starting at 2 p.m. General tickets are $25. VIP  reserved tickets are $35. For advance tickets, call 598-1170 or go to www.ticketstorm.com.

And for more information on Little River Music Valley – “A Little Place Where Big Things Happen” – go to www.littlerivermusicvalley.com.

Copyright 2009 West Marie Media


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