Pat Toomey speaks to conservative bloggers, activists

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 14, 2009

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Saluting the conservative activists, bloggers and political junkies in the audience, Pat Toomey, candidate for U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania, spoke as the keynote speaker before the Americans For Prosperty / forum dinner Friday night.

Red Dirt Report is here in the Steel City this weekend taking part in the conservative gathering representing Oklahoma and meeting other bloggers, journalists and think-tank activists who are affiliated with the new Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

Your Red Dirt Reporter had the pleasure of sitting at a table with Toomey, most recently the president of Club for Growth, who was heartily embraced by the conservative crowd. Across the Monongahela River, liberal bloggers and liberal icons like Bill Clinton and Howard Dean were attending the Netroots Nation.

Aired live on C-SPAN, the down-to-earth Republican candidate drily joked about Republican-turned-Democrat incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter and his decision to jump from the GOP.

 “One look at a poll and Arlen Specter decided he wasn’t running against me,” Toomey said.

Of course many Americans who follow the news have seen the coverage of Specter at town hall meetings in Pennsylvania being chastised by constituents over his support of Obama’s proposed government-run health-care plan. Recent polls show Specter’s support dropping quickly here in the Keystone State.

“Pennsylvania citizens and increasingly American citizens are coming to the conclusion that Washington is out of control,” he said, adding, “I’d argue we have the most liberally-elected government in the history of the Republic.”

He noted how government doesn’t create wealth, rather, “government destroys wealth and redistributes wealth,” alluding to the idea that higher taxes will not make the nation strong.

“They’re attempting to take America down a road we’ve never seen before,” Toomey said, adding that Bill Clinton admitted at the Netroots event that even though the health care plan, proposed by Obama, is unpopular but must be forced upon Americans.

Clearly disgusted, Toomey said, “Such is their contempt for the American people.”

But Toomey was positive.

“They will not be able to get this done,” Toomey said. “The voice of the American people is too loud, too clear.”

And speaking to his own run for the Senate seat from Pennsylvania, Toomey said he thinks it is time “for courage in the Senate” and that if elected, he would make courageous and common sense decisions on behalf of the American people.

Toomey is a plain-spoken, appealing and appears to be in a much stronger position to beat Specter.

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