Putin, Obama and the proverbial hornet’s nest

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 10, 2009



OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Watchdog has been paying close attention to Russia’s aggression over the past year, noting that since Obama’s visit to Moscow last month, which accomplished little, that nation has been flexing its muscles.

We are not Kremlinologists here at Oklahoma Watchdog. Merely observers of the actors on the world stage – and taken from an American perspective.

As Newsweek noted, following Obama’s visit the U.S. and Russia “are v raskoryachku – neither friends nor enemies. In truth, they hardly have a relationship at all.”

Perhaps. But perhaps things are worse than the mainstream media and their pundits are letting on.

The latest example is noted in a Reuters report today where it notes that “two nuclear-powered Russian attack submarines had been patrolling the Eastern seaboard of the United States in a mission that was rare for post-Cold War times.”

The Russian Navy, however, “shrugged off” concerns expressed by Washington that their Naval exercises, held so close to American waters, was problematic.

“I don’t know if it’s news to anyone,” Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Russia’s deputy chief of general staff told a news conference. “The navy should not stay idle at its moorings.”

Nogovitsyn was straightforward in explaining the Russians’ reasons for patrolling international waters, yet so close to the U.S. east coast.

“This is our right – we felt bored making circles along our internal routes,” Nogovitsyn said.

So, the Russians are bored, eh? Could it be like the bored boy poking a stick at the beehive? Simply interested in how to provoke the buzzing bees — or are they hornets? — safely inside?

Recall Obama’s visit and how there was a blogosphere buzz about Russian officials refusing to shake Obama’s hand? The question is not so much whether or not the officials did or did not shake his hand. It is the manipulation of the image by the media. Oh, it was subtle but it did get some attention.

Experts on Russia and those following U.S.-Russian relations are beginning to express their concern about where things are going.

Speaking on The Alex Jones Show on Wednesday, researcher Steve Quayle said “the situation between Russia and the U.S. is not good at all.”

And it appears that they are not happy with Obama.

As researcher and writer Webster Griffin Tarpley has said, “The Obama regime would like to maneuver Russia into a posture of hostility to Iran, playing on Russian fear of what Iran might finally do with nuclear weapons if they got them. With people like Putin and Lavrov, the Russians are not likely to fall such such a crude trick.”

And as former UN Ambassador John Bolton said on Fox News this week “(Russia) has a huge interest in selling advanced weapons systems and nuclear reactors to Iran.”

Back to Tarpley. In essence, Tarpley is saying that this American lightweight needs to move aside and let us do what is in the best interest of the Russian homeland. If they want to deal with Iran, then that is their right.

And back to Quayle, he echoed this on Jones’s show.

 “The Russians, they’ve let it be known they have nothing but contempt for Obama,” Quayle said.

This contempt may be manifesting itself in the proverbial “stick-poking-at-the-beehive” sort of way in the form of nuclear-powered war subs not far off the American shores.

Quayle added that China is not happy either. This could explain recent visits to that communist nation by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Both women, who have claimed to be strong on human rights in the past, dismissed criticism that they hardly addressed the subject at all on recent visits. Free Tibet, ladies? Not a chance.

And then there are the rumors that Saudi Arabia is looking to align with Russia. We are awaiting more word on those developments.

Russia and China may have more in common in that they are tiring of America. With America still in the “poison chalice” of Afghanistan an in Iraq where the locals are ready for us to get out of there, the Chinese and Russians may smell blood.

As the eccentric blogger Lame Cherry noted in the fascinating blog post this week “Beware the Adventurous Man,” which compares Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s shirtless virility with his desire to have an equal on the world stage and finding none. Note Putin’s dive in a Mir submersible to the bottom of Lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world.

Obama, meanwhile, opts to sip light beer with a whiny Harvard professor and other elites while vacationing on cushy Martha’s Vineyard. To a masculine, vodka-swilling Rooskie, Obama just screams wussiness. At least George W. Bush cleared brush down in Crawford.

Well, at least Obama put down his Bud Light and spoke with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev about Georgia, Iran, the Middle East and arms control. Russia still opposes American plans for a missile defense system in central Europe. So, any agreements on a successor to the 1991 arm control treaty known as START may be on hold until certain issues are ironed out.

Meanwhile, here at home, Oklahoma Watchdog, Lame Cherry and others observe the actions of the Obama administration and Obama himself and wonder if he has what it takes to make sure the Russians behave. I mean, would Ronald Reagan have put up with Mikhail Gorbachev running bombers and subs off of the coast of the state of Georgia? Yeah, OUR Georgia.

Writes Lame Cherry: “I in no way want people to think that Barack Obama is in the class of real male world leaders as he is not. He is a pansy, a eunuch, an effeminate, a mansexual of self-validation who drinks in the adoration of others like piss from a fairy.”

Ouch! And they called George H.W. Bush a “wimp.” I was interested in the UK Telegraph column by Gerald Warner, commenting on Bill Clinton’s bizarre trip to North Korea to get those two spies … journalists … from that weasel Kim Jong-Il.

“(T)he real instigator of America’s humiliation at the hands of a bunch of played-out Marxist-Leninist hoods is Barack Obama. President Pantywaist has rolled over again for Kim.”

Double ouch!

And Lame Cherry reminds readers that Putin and Medvedev, having nuke subs near New York, saw “the opportunity took the ground and shoved a nuclear missile up the Statue of Liberty’s toga.”

That’s a pretty dire scenario but in light of the brazenness of their behavior as of late, I think they know the American President is too busy with socialistic health care programs, clunker cars and cap and trade. It was a year ago that Georgia provoked Russia over South Ossetia. Methinks the Bear is starting to get restless and may roar again.

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