Clash at health-care town hall meeting in Mo. highlights Dem/union thuggery

By Andrew W. Griffin

Oklahoma Watchdog

Posted: August 10, 2009


OKLAHOMA CITY – Checking the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website as I do every day, the headline on the homepage, “Police arrest 6, including P-D reporter, at town hall meeting,” definitely caught my attention.

And knowing one of the reporters, Jake Wagman, who is a friend of my father (we all had dinner together last year), I wondered if it was Wagman who was arrested.

Sure enough, it was. According to the Post-Dispatch story, Wagman and five other folks were at a forum on aging in south St. Louis County called by U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis. Wagman, it was reported was released later on his own recognizance. The others were arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Word spread among conservative Tea Party Coalition members that Carnahan was speaking, so they arrived, as did a large contingent of Democrats and purple-shirted SEIU union types. The protesters began shouting back and forth, leading to a “carnival-like atmosphere.”

In fact, all comers were supposed to be allowed into the Carnahan event but many were not, while the SEIU types – union goons – were allowed in, no problem.

The clash resulted in a black conservative, who was handing out Gadsden flags featuring the “Don’t Tread On Me” slogan, to be injured by another black man who “used a racial slur against him before the attack.”

Truly outrageous!

Another arrested Tea Party protester, Brian Matthews, told the Post-Dispatch that the cops hit him and others like “a bull rush.” Matthews’ 51-year-old female friend was maced and arrested. She vomited several times.

Clearly, with all the angry Americans out there, fed up with an out-of-control federal government and arrogant members of Congress, things are reaching a breaking point. And having experienced arrogant state officials in Missouri myself, what happened in St. Louis County is not surprising. My experience involved my discovery in April 2008 that the new Missouri license plates did not have a hyphen in “Show-Me State,” something required by state law. Red Dirt Report talked to David Griffith, with the state’s transportation department and when told of the mistake, he basically did not care. Their arrogance was shocking. My story was shared in the Post-Dispatch, The Joplin Globe and other Missouri news outlets and blog sites.

Said Post-Dispatch editor Arnie Robbins: “In arresting our reporter, we think the police overreacted and were over-zealous. While we understand that police have difficult jobs and were in a volatile situation, we hope they understand that reporters, too, have difficult jobs and were in a volatile situation.”

Bloggers in the St. Louis area, like Missourah and Gateway Pundit had some solid coverage, complete with video footage, to offer interested readers and activists.

The incredibly arrogant Carnahan commented that he wants to know who is sending these real Americans (SHOCK!) to come out and disrupt discussions about health care reform. Carnahan says these concerned Americans are really part of a corporate cabal – “they have mobilized with special interests in Washington who have lined their pockets by overcharging Americans for a broken health care system.”

Carnahan is beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist, eh?

Talking to a family member in St. Louis, she told me Rush Limbaugh was talking about the clash in St. Louis and she seemed amazed at how things seem to be getting out of hand.

On The Alex Jones Show, the host was discussing the story as well, noting that with Obama coming out of Chicago and having been part of the Daley machine, with its thuggery and criminality, that these incidents are likely to increase before they subside.

“The cops are reduced to Chicago thuggery,” said Alex Jones, noting that the Daley machine tentacles reach into Missouri.

And just as The Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’ had goons, so does the new “Joker” who recently moved into the White House.

Recall last year Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt was appalled at then-Sen. Obama’s plans to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten, intimidate and arrest his critics. And then this spring we had the infamous MIAC report out of Jefferson City, targeting mainstream conservatives and pro-liberty folks. A lot of anti-freedom activity brewing amongst the authorities in Missouri. This is middle America, folks. The Heartland. What is happening?

It should be noted that while there have been no clashes at town halls in Oklahoma – Dan Boren, where are you? – professional far-left agitators will be attending a “community organizing event” at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church here in Oklahoma City all day tomorrow, as reported here.

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